Mototrbo XIR M8660 / XIR M8668 Radio

Motorola XIRM8668 Base
  • From the delivery driver crisscrossing the city to the sanitation crew clearing streets, your employees work smarter and safer with the MOTOTRBO XIR M8660 / XIR M8668 mobile two-way radios. These fully-featured mobile transforms your enterprise, delivering unrivaled voice and data communications with integrated Bluetooth audio and data, integrated GPS (XIR M8668), text messaging and a full 4-line color display with day/night mode to make reading work order tickets and text messages easier. You also get best-in-class audio that includes Intelligent Audio and a customizable voice announcement feature.
    Large Full Color Display (4 Line)
    No. Of Channels : 1000
    Dual Capacity Direct Mode
    Intelligent Audio
    Integrated GPS (XIR M8668)
    Integrated Bluetooth
    IP54 Rated

Each Mototrbo XIR M8660 / XIR M8668 radio set comes with:

  • NON-DTMF Handheld Microphone
  • Mounting Bracket
  • DC Power Cable

Mototrbo XIR M8660 / XIR M8668 radio available in Frequency bands as shown under:

  • VHF (136 - 174 MHZ), 1000 channels, 25W
  • UHF (403 - 470 MHZ), 1000 channels, 25W

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