Motorola GM339 Radio

Motorola GM339 Base / Mobile Radio
  • In a rapidly changing market, instant communication and versatile mobile communication solutions are critical to the success of your business. With Motorola's GM339 Select V mobile radios, you can now enjoy immediate and reliable communication to keep your mobile teams working efficiently. Whether you are a courier service personnel where information on direction is critical, or a police officer needing emergency backup at an accident scene, or from a transportation company that wants to improve its fleet management, the GM339 Select V mobile radio is a solution that lets you stay in touch and in control. GM339 Select V mobile radio is compatible with Private Line and 5-tone Selective signalling protocols. Ideal when you need:
    5-tone selective signalling standards, which include ZVEI, Modified ZVEI, French Modified ZVEI, 20ms CCIR, 70 ms CCIR, 100 ms CCIR and EEA signalling systems, that enhance productivity.
    Motorola's special voice compression and low level expansion technology ensures crisper, clearer and stronger audio quality, allowing you to communicate even in a noisy working environment.
    A full 255-channel operating capacity on both the GM339 and GM399 enables the mobiles to accommodate a vast number of users and work groups concurrently.
    Through an optional voice storage board, the GM339 can record important messages or personal memos up to 120 seconds.

Each Motorola GM339 radio set comes with:

  • Compact Microphone - PMNN4007A
  • Mounting Kit
  • Power Cable

Motorola GM339 radio available in Freuqncy bands as shown under:

  • AZM25KHF9AN5 GM339 Mobile, VHF (136 - 174 MHZ) 255 channels, 25W, compact Mic
  • AZM25RHF9AN5 GM339 Mobile, UHF (403 - 470 MHZ) 255 channels, 25W, compact Mic
  • AZM25SHF9AN5 GM339 Mobile, UHF (450 - 520 MHZ) 255 channels, 25W, compact Mic

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